US Attorneys: Increasing Awareness and Understanding Police Brutality

20 Dec

Police brutality is a common occurrence in today's society, and many people do not realize that they can actually sue the police for sustaining physical injuries. There are even some people who were caught drunk at the time of their arrest have successfully filed lawsuits against police officers. Police brutality is not new in the United States, dating back accounts in the 1800's when police officers brutally beat and killed railroad workers. There are also many accounts of police brutality wherein police officers doing a messy task when it comes to controlling protests of minorities and labor groups.

Police brutality happens when police officers forcibly apprehend a suspect or use harsh or harm in controlling a situation. Police brutality occurs if a police use unreasonable force when it comes to apprehending a situation or a suspect as determined by the severity of the crime, resisting arrest, and harm to other people. The severity of the situation determines police brutality. If a person is apprehending a suspect of a murder with a weapon may still be considered a danger to other people, so the use of force is necessary. However if the suspect is unarmed, and was later shot by a police, then there are angles of police brutality. If a suspect is arrested and he is trying to escape the scene, the police may use force for a resisting arrest, but an example of police brutality is a police knocked a handcuffed suspect unconscious. Police officers aim to protect civilians, and if the suspect poses a threat to civilians or other police officers, then the police are responsible to do whatever it takes to stop the threat. However, maximum tolerance should be applied as much as possible, most especially to labor protests, learn more!

If you believe that you are a victim of police brutality, you need to save all the evidence including pictures of your injuries, video of the incident, medical certificate, torn clothing, and damaged property such as damaged or broken fixtures and furniture. It is important to write down in a detailed manner, all the information about the incident such as the location, date, time, what happened, and the reaction of the police officer involved. Hire a police brutality attorney at to help you gather relevant evidence, interview witnesses, and to legally represent you before the court for trial.

 A police brutality lawyer is a civil rights lawyer, someone who is an expert both in state and federal law. You may further read about lawyers, go to

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